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Got a dash light on? Dash lights are one of the ways your Subaru lets you know of a problem with the vehicle. Getting these lights checked out is essential to catching a small problem before it becomes a large one.

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Here are a few Subaru dash lights you need to be aware of. We recommend checking your owner’s manual for more information.

Check Engine Light

This light may illuminate or start to blink while the engine is running to indicate a problem with the emission control system. It can also indicate that you have not secured the gas cap properly. Have your vehicle inspected by a certified Subaru technician to prevent potential damages.

Coolant Light

The light that indicates that the coolant temperature is low or high looks like a flag in a body of water. Blue means that the engine is not warming up correctly. Blinking Red indicates that the engine is close to overheating. Red indicates the overheating condition of the engine.

Charge Warning Light

If you see this light, your charging system might be malfunctioning. If the light turns on while you are driving, stop the vehicle at the first safe opportunity. Check the alternator belt. It could be broken or loose. If you are unable to find the problem or get the Charge Warning Light to turn off, bring your Subaru to the nearest Subaru dealership.

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